Friday, December 18, 2009

aaaa ~.~

what's happening on this December?
should i trapped in somewhere dark place,
when everyone enjoy the ending of the show?

again and again
i'm feel all alone.
you might see me with people.

i'm in no where belongs to..
i'm here with you, but i'm living with my own sorrow.
yeah. you couldn't see it..

how lucky me, that day save me.
and i'm realized, i'm still alive..

when i know, that might be my last day on earth..

i'm suddenly fallen.
and i didn't know why it could be?
because i'm surely, i couldn't feel anything.
no exception, a painfull though..

i just ran away, from that darkness place.
i'm scared...
how is it become real?
why its all of sudden?

i could go back to every laugh,
as i always do, when i know life was being the best part of my life
but that cannot resist that, my tears running out from my eyes..
in the middle of smile face, tears always be there.
turning down upon my face..

18th of December 2009

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