Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time Machine

hari ini dapet lagu baru judulnya sama dengan judul post kali ini, "Time Machine".
Sedikit tentang lagu tsb, Hiro sebagai produser lagu ini berasal dari Jepang, dan inspirasinya berasal dari kondisi setelah Jepang terkena Tsunami. Sebagai produser, dia lebih memilih untuk memberikan lagu tsb untuk SNSD.
Saya pribadi lebih memilih lagu tersebut dinyanyikan oleh dirinya sendiri, dibandingkan harus diberikan ke SNSD.

I'm not a GOD, so I even can't blame it to him..

Time Machine, that was our greediest request ever as a human.
We are walking this way of life, its possible if we ever got a wrong way.
Every chances we had, were flew somewhere with memories.
The last thing we know, we had complaint about it.
Such as, "as if".

Normally we are human.
how smart we are, that couldn't make any sense that we could predict exactly which path is the best for us going to..
What kind of problems and what kind of solution we have to used it.
At the end, one mistake got one regret.

If someday human could create ones,
I'm not sure it would help our problems.
Better if we are just being like this,
After all this is our mystery.
A lot of surprise moments, even the worst one.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

All I need is you

Oh well post berikut bakal berisikan daftar yang saya inginkan, jadi kalo terkesan sedikit "bermimpi" mohon dimaafkan =P

Be yours, when I know you've got a lot of admirers.
Stay with me, when you asked me why I'm that gloomy and I didn't answer to your question.
Hold my hands tight or wrap my shoulder with your arm, when we're going out with your family and friends..
Lean your head to me, when you can't solve your problems alone.
Kiss my forehead, when I'm lying to you.
See my eyes deeply and say " I'm yours ".
Hug me from back, when I'm about to cry.
Taking me to your office, so I'll help you as simple thing as I could do it for you.
Decorating of our room together with pictures of ours.
Going to my graduation, while you're that far..just for me
Walking together hand in hand, I get soaked and you share your coat for us, and kissing in the rain.
Put your best medal from your competition right after you got it from a stage.
When you got home and find me sleeping on the couch, kiss my cheeks and carry me to bed.
When I got angry, grab my waist and sing my favorite song.

Ah I can't believe that I wrote down that!
Mwahahahahahahahahahahha >:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Seandainya benar apa yang ku baca adalah benar
Seandainya juga apa yang ku dengar adalah nyata
Apakah benar ini jalan yang harus kutempuh?

Pemilihan karakter untuk berbagai kondisi,
YA! Tak sembarang karakter bisa dilepas dan jadi diri sendiri.
Mereka berpikir mereka lah kaum mayoritas!
Apa salahnya jadi kaum minoritas?

Semua ingin seperti apa yang mereka mau,
Semua memiliki kewajiban untuk menghargai persamaan hak!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prove it or not

love will finds you hard..
facing the new one, to completely get lost the bad memories in past!
the one that already proved it to you, his already done it for you
but not even you know how to give much more for him, your beloved one

ah......... love ain't no easy =(

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm a loner

nah, tiba-tiba mood ngeblog bangkit
this is the best waaaaay to express my feelings, through typing :p

its not about how you always need someone to talk to
even your brain couldn't agree more that there's none for the answer
we just tired.... of the fakeness

i don't know where should i put it on my post,
i'm usually asked to myself, how is it me? is this right, where did i go wrong?

maybe its just the way i used to feel, i'm not that comfort..
people around would like to just keep silence infront of my face,
than talking me behind my back. ah this point i even won't bother

but what i want to know is, if i am that stingy... could it be that the way people's have thought might be absolutely true?like 100%?

ah i don't know which life i should put in trust and lean on.
i need a help

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New post

i really don't know what to write for the very beginning of my comeback.

oke, saya mencoba mengganti tema go green dengan 'girlie pinkish' yang lebih soft..
silau juga lama-lama liat blog ijo mentereng gitu =P

welcome home everyong (^0^)/