Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love, Relationship, Marriage, Faith.

What's up? Hope you guys doing good. Keke
Sooo, um. Actually I have to study hard for tomorrow test, but I prefer to post something to this blog. #eluselusblog #pelukcium
Eventhough I have a good-kind-hearted lecture that could guarantee my midterm score.haha *okay I will study sir, later :p*

So here we go
Jadi belakangan saya sering melihat, mendengar, dan mengalami keluhan beberapa orang yang mungkin bisa dibilang "sick of love" am I right?
I honestly have the same thoughts like what they did, perhaps. But somehow it doesn't take longer. We don't need any theories based on it.
None of us were born to be perfect.

Frankly about love, YES indeed it could change everything.
We do have love, but as time goes by, the love it self is actually decreasing or increasing.
It depends on how we used it in the right place.
Question: what kind of love or what's your purpose in your love life?
Kalo jaman sd-smp-sma basi banget diliat. Karena waktu nanti manusia itu pada gede, pasti cara pandangnya bakal lebih rumit.

Ada yang punya history about love yang dibilang kece. Ada juga yang mungkin dibilang sama-sama dingin, tapi mereka romantis dengan cara mereka sendiri. Ada yang hampir seluruh aspek kehidupan mereka, mereka saling mengisi satu sama lain.Ada yang mungkin nyaris ga ada kabar, tapi kalo tau detail ceritanya itu indah banget, tapi ada juga yang kemakan sama 'indah'nya cinta sampe dia ngerusak kehidupannya sendiri, ada juga yang jadi lebih panikan waktu dikecewain sama cinta.well oh well, itulah realita.

Saya pribadi, untuk sekarang mungkin lebih prefer menjauh dari kenyataan itu.Doesn't mean I'm a coward. Cuma sekarang lebih belajar hati-hati kedepannya.
Mungkin, pada dasarnya semua manusia sama.
Mungkin juga, pada dasarnya pria lebih gampang mencari dan mendapatkan apa yang mereka mau dan lupa bersyukur dan mempertahankan apa yang sudah mereka miliki,
Mungkin juga, wanita yang memiliki pengalaman buruk yang punya sifat sirik mudah merebut kebahagiaan wanita polos lainnya yang akhirnya tersakiti atau bisa disebut pembalasan/pelampiasan belaka.
Tapi memang ada juga sih yang wanita nakal yang memang hanya ingin bersenang-senang dan hanya sekedar mendapat uang agar hidup lebih layak.

Pada dasarnya itu cuma narasi dari GOD's plan.
It does take a lot of our efforts to get the key of happiness.GOD's door.
Somehow, in our daily hectic routines GOD sent us someone that will help us intensely, and take a good care of us. Yes its our soulmate.
We just decide whoever might be the best for us.
I do believe in faith. Because Allah won't broke HIS promises to make us happy, right?

For me, I don't think I have to find immediately for my future husband. I'm sure 85%
I want to focus and reach my dream first.
I want to make everyone one happy, my family proud of me, so they dont have to worry about me.
I do have family that would give me unlimited supports.
I do have someone that I could lean on, and point out my weakness.(If you asked me who, its definitely my devil-like coach, and someone who has the ability of sixsense)
I do have bestfriend to make me realize I'm not that weak. I just have to be stronger, so they would do the same, and worried-less.
I do imagine about my marriage.
I do imagine who will be my only one.
As long as its suits me and make me be more grateful, I will do my best in everything.

I do believe GOD will send me the best gift for my life. Eventhough to be alive is actually already the best gift.
So I'm really thankful for it :)

I just need to be patient and I know that Allah want me to put some efforts first. So I could see the whole world wisely.
Because up until now, I'd never do something perfectly. Just an half from my determination.almost :p

So, whatever the problems you have
I suggest you to believe in yourself that someday you will get everything you need, better than everything you want. I know I know its supposed to be extra-gift if you get everything what you need like what you want.
Do your best, honey!
Your life is already precious when you were born.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

21st ( yeaaaaay!)

Assalamu'alaikum dearest reader, whoever, wherever, whenever read this post ~lol *high confident*
I wish you had a great days, for every your life times. I'd really wish for you guys =]

So, its been so while ever since I left this blog of mine.
Don't ask me about the last post, because I have to scroll down first, to get back my lost-precious-blog posts. Literally HA HA

Yep. Its my brand new age.
The way who I am for 20 years ago, I'd still remember how good life's was.
But now, I lost for another age, going to have new one.tee-hee

I would really like to give my biggest sincerity thankfull to those who I really can't live without;
Thought YOU'd probably knew what kind of me, I really can't just say thankyou very bery much.
YOUR waaaay toooo kind to every seconds in my life.
PRECIOUS Forever and ever. :')

2. My Parents, My brothers
GOD, please promise to me that YOU'll make them even happier than what I've or I will get.
Take a very special care for them, I trust YOU a lot. Just please, can't YOU? :(

3. My Bestfriends, my Friends
I know that I've already knew I can't complete my life with just a slice of plain white paper to my precious life. Thankyou GOD for letting me having a loooot of angels surrounds me.
*the very best long-lasting friends: Karina, Eky, Danur, Nuraini, tiwi, Amy, Mia, Ana, Shandy, Rina, Pipoy,Wuri.
They gave me soooo much wether its direct or indirect lecture of problem solving for me to be better and stronger Person ever. They're my best. Please make sure they have what I have, erase all their sadness.
Thankyou for accepting me the way-devil-as I am.hahahaha sorry for troubling you guys too much! But I sincerely love all of you! :*

*the very bery best college Friends:
Para Ondooooos; icha, mega, annas (whota delicious cakeeeeee) I love youuu guys :*
With my very first college friends; Nadya + Novi
With my supporting friends whom I asked for help the most: Emil, Puput, Safira(hey hbd to you too), Besba, Adieb (trusted kpop fan! XD), Gege,Panji, Shindy moraa :D, and my ibs choir-mate :p

*for the last precious, but not least:
Mba Nares, Mba icha, Nisa+mas bowo, de Fauzan, Iam, Aki, Ka Ayu, ugrh sorry if I didn't remember another names for a while. Hiksss

OH! My Coach: Youji-Yeje...The most fourth-dimentional person I've ever met -_-"
YES thankyou for ruining my sacrifice of the day through the whole dancing movements and training for keeping me remmember what supposed to be my passion, which is dancing.
I knew, that all-that-hurting-sharp-words are for me. To Motivate me, keeping me holding on to my own words.
Thanks to you too that you deserve to see my very first crying scene to a man. Heol~
Gue tau je, kalo lo udah tau tipe seperti apa gue. Jadi lo ancurin itu tembok dengan kalimat lo yang ini--->"Gue bakal lebih keras dan cerewet lagi ke elo mulai dari hari ini (17/10/2012), karna gue sayang dan care sama lo, untuk ngebuat lo berubah. Lo itu bukannya ga bisa, tapi passion lo belom cukup untuk jadi dancer professional. Seorang Dancer yang tampil harus melakukan gerakan apapun, seperfect apapun. Penonton ga peduli lo secape apa, punya masalah apa, tapi di panggung just show your true identity as a person.dancing is all about honesty"

Its hard to be you to have a student like me, isn't it?
Thankyou je for letting me keep improving, and fighting till the end.
I'm afraid, I will loose you.
I'm afraid, that someday I will do silly things and at the end, I might broke our "teacher-student" relationship become strangers.
I do not want that the most. You knew it,right?

OVERALL.... All I can see through the life will be much harder than before. I have to be strong, I have to be more thankfull for what I've got now and then..

My Journey has only begun :)