Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new month

yippieee, we are at the end of months,
which is we're going tooo..*drummer effect* DECEMBER!!
haha and I'm still awake at this late,
well i got something interesting song
from my favorite band, called evanescence.
and i just realized they made new albums,hahahaha =P
still cool to hear, all that melody i want to hear
and all that lyrics seems to describe ME

i love their new song!!! really nice,
and i just addicted to hear "Missing"
sooooo great! hahaha i should leave korean wave of music,
then move away to my lovely band, evanescence.
i should hear their new songs again n again =9

sore throat

mungkin sakit ini bukan karena musiman,
tapi ini teguran karena udah mendustakan nikmat yang sebenarnya..
tapi ga apa, dengan begitu saya mendapat nikmat restu untuk meliburkan diri :p

saya salah kalau saya hanya mengeluh,
saya tau saya lelah menghadapi bosan, karena saya hanya terdiam!

mungkin saya akan menjauh dari aktivitas internet(kecuali e-mail/googling/download)
tapi blog ini akan tetap dipertahankan..

karena saya hobi menulis, dan saya akan merombak habis blog ini

yaaa sudahlah Desember ini akan jadi penentu Revolusi Januari 2011



I'm bored.
yeah i'm bored for every things that i want to do..
I know this time isn't right to the end, for me its last..
time is pausing, and i'm just kneeling down..

maybe i'm too young to be an arrogant person,
i can hurt all the peoples, maybe some have been hurted by me.

I don't know what to say, or what to do
this is life, that i'm still living.
in pains...in regrets...

GOD, i really do not know what will be next?
I'm just stoning... or maybe inside of me I'm dying...
this is life, this is just me..

let me be the one take all those pains,
it wasn't arrogant statement at all, because too much pains inside then it'll make me have sad, crying or something normally woman usually do.

I'm here broken,
I'm a barbie, that have been broken.
I've broke myself