Saturday, March 27, 2010


shadow always going under me,
even though i've got my sunny day. yeah it always appear.

hey, i'm not rather to remem all what we've done, what i've done.
its about near month, you left me behind.
i'm just woke up earlier from this bad dream, a happy-sweet-fakelove.

maybe it has a lot of tears that i couldn't wipe.
maybe it has a straight face, when i know there's nothing else to do
maybe it had strong flashback, when all days were ours.

days and nights, i'm just worried. well, we're over.
i'd rather get more practice trying not to care.
not to scream.. when i know, i couldn't be cry, anymore.

it just a regret. deeply strong regret.
i want these near days, someone out there take you in happiness.
as soon as possible, so that i've got this news to make it nothing.

living a live with deeply strong regret never be fun,right?
in that case, i wish my pray come through you..
then i would be gone, forever into your life