Monday, December 22, 2008

The Last moment on 308 classroom

3 months are moving so fast
well, it's hard for me to say this...
Bye Myspace Comments

thanks for my teacher :
*Mam Rini ~ we're separated because of the minus student
*Mr.Hadian ~ what a perfect n funny teacher are you buddy !!

thanks for all my friends :
*Double Luci ~ both of you are the best
*Responta ~ we never talk, but thanks for being my classmate :D
*Harpan ~ ur the most noicy guy ever ! hehe

i hope we always keep our friendship
i hope all of you never forget that moment with me (narcist mode:ON)
i hope all of us are PASSED and graduated from LIA

all the students with our teacher

The Ladies on 308 room

see you all in the future
Bye Myspace Comments

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