Monday, May 20, 2013

The Only Man that i've never met before

Dear you,

If you were the right man for me, where are you at right now?
somehow, would it be you that always healing me, protecting me all days and nights?
you're smiling...right?

hey watcha doing there? ^_^
i want to say thank you for unlimited times that you've spent just for watch over me.
I'm sorry i'm not that kind of majestic gold one, to see you.
but i feel your presences. almost most of all the time
the way you've warm my day, just simply because little things that made me down.
the way that you came to my dream, to simply say "i'm waiting and searching for you that long"
or "i'm here"

people might think that i'm crazy. its not an obsession or even i'm being possessed. trust me

if you asked me why i'm not trying to find you, i would love to answer with:
i'm not that capable person that will balanced out your life! in facts i don't have any confidence to be by your side. you have all the things that people would easily fall for you:
your brain, your kindness, your faithfulness, your helping hands, your angel's heart. your sincerity, and so on!

sorry, i'm still trying.

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